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Raised on farms in the rolling horse country north of Atlanta, Ga, for 21 years,  the owner of Kross Kreek developed a love and knowledge of land and animals. Although his Commission as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps and world events took him away for a time, his passion was to, one day, return to what he loved.  In 2005 Kross Kreek Farm was purchased in Bridgeport, WV and the adventure began of once again, keeping horses.  Now with more than 45 years of equine experience  Kross Kreek Farms Llc was born.  We set the bar and hold the bar in North Central WV,  for the more discriminating horse owners .  For those that demand a facility with a  two decade history of safe, well maintained, experienced, round the clock, equine care, we are the only choice.   Through the years we have watched "start up" boarding facilities with too many horses and no  ground come and go.  Countless times we have served as an emergency safe haven as "boarding stables"  imploded from poorly mangaged, illegal un-registered, un-licensed, un-invsured "on the cheap" operations, with poor management and mistreated horses.  Operating an equine facility, as so many discover at the expense of the horse, is more than just riding it's a day in day out labor of love for the animal and having the land is critical.   Since we began we have never looked back and we have been blessed to rarely have vacancy.  Now after 18 years  and over 160 tenent horses, tons of smiles, and a perfect health and safety record for equines, owners and guests we welcome you to the Kross Kreek Farms.  

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